Specialized Work Efforts---

Many clocks no longer have replacement parts available, so if we need something, we have to build it from scratch...

When you pay for a complete overhaul, you get a complete overhaul! Your clock's movement is torn down to its smallest possible parts, then ultrasonically cleaned, burnished, buffed, polished, reassembled, and oiled....

When necessary, we can tackle a complete case restoration, though we might refer you out to a master craftsman for case work if we are too busy working on movements. This Vienna Regulator and the French Two Pillar are clocks we did indeed restore within the shop.

Creating Parts

New Suspension Hanger created from strip brass - drilled then hand sawn

French 4" Movement BEFORE - Front

Front of movement before cleaning

French Movement after ultrasonic cleaning and polishing

We tear your movement down to its smallest detailed part so that it can be TRULY CLEANED in our heated ultrasonic cleaning machine!

French Movement - Front - AFTER

Cannot get much cleaner than this!

Werner Duponirt Vienna Regulator - Case Remnants

Clock was pulled from a wall and thrown

How many clamps can be used at the same time?

Hours and hours of cleaning, scraping, and then glueing....

Werner Duponirt - RESTORED!

Many hours later and as good as new!